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Mission:Explore reviews

For Mission:Explore Food

“Oh blimey the book is BRILLIANT!!!!! It needs to be in every school in the country!” Emma Freud

“This is a brilliant book.” Rob Bushby, John Muir Award Manager, John Muir Trust.

“It’s not a book for the bookshelf; it’s one to have out, finger-marked and grubby from all the activities that lie within. Brilliant – I love it!” Bob Digby.

“A must have book for any adult wanting to grow their own well balanced child!” Huw James, Science Junkie.

“Bear Grylls meets Jamie with a hint of Guerrilla.” Bob Lang.

“Do you know a child that loves getting their hands dirty and playing with their food? Then this is the book for them! Packed with fun missions and guerrilla gardening, Mission:Explore Food will get children thinking more about where their food comes from. Right, I’m going to plant an ugly vegetable…” Ruth Hendry, Planet Science.

“This is an amazing book. It’s anarchic and chaotic (in a good way). It is also cleverly set out to entice all those who take eating for granted to think a little bit about things that sometimes don’t get thought about at all! Most important of these? Soil!” David Lambert.

“A masterpiece of food geography. Probably the only book I will ever recommend to my undergrads, buy for my kids, and use as a plate.” Professor Ian Cook, food geography boffin, University of Exeter.

If you only buy one book on food this should be it. As it says in the introduction, ‘this book will change the way you see food forever’.” John Lyon.

“Mission: Explore Food provides a fresh way of understanding some fundamental things about the stuff of life through participatory research and action-orientated learning. Take the challenge: get down and dirty with the Geography Collective and City Farmers.” Professor Peter Jackson, University of Sheffield.

For Mission:Explore

Mission:Explore was chosen as one of Guardian Education’s “Top Ten Teacher Resources of 2012”


“The most revolutionary geography-related book ever published.” Geographical Magazine (full review here).

“I strongly recommend Mission:Explore by The Geography Collective. It’s a book all kids should have to get them away from various screens of mind-dulling entertainment. It’ll broaden their knowledge and view of the world.” Gema, Radical Parenting

Mission:Explore is bold, cool, exciting, innovative, geographic, educational…and just plain fun! Every curious kid, budding geographer, and responsible parent should have a copy!” Sarah Jane Caban, National Geographic Education

“We love the creativity of Mission:Explore and the way it creates experiences for all children so they can share, learn and play together.” Pinkstinks Approved

“Mission:Explore is splendid — great fun, and a lovely way to get children out into their environment and using their brains.” Sue Palmer, author of Toxic Childhood

“Learning to engage with the world around you is the key to effective citizenship education, Mission:Explore sits at the heart of what we believe is good citizenship education!” Ade Sofola, Citizenship Foundation

“very witty, well-written and full of original ideas to get children over 10 yrs of age out exploring. My own 13 yr old son thought some of the missions were very challenging and better for teenagers older than himself. He sat on the sofa chuckling away for a full half an hour reading the book. He’s not especially keen on reading, so that says a lot about the layout and attractiveness of the book. It’s pocket-sized and handy for taking out and about.” Juliet Robertson, Creative STAR

“it is very important for children to experience adventurous play and risk so they can learn to manage risk and keep themselves safe. Mission:Explore helps to do this in a fun and exciting way.” The Child Safety Education Coalition

“Aside from its practical coolness factor, the book is hilarious to read and a great thing to have on the shelf as a “hey check this out” item when you have company over.” Bradley Garrett

“Should be compulsory reading for all university geography students” Professor Danny Dorling

“Mission:Explore is a brilliant way to stimulate children’s and young people’s interest in their social and physical environment, their curiosity and their sense of the absurd. The case for risk as a necessary and exciting part of life, that needs handling intelligently, is acknowledged well. This is geography, and fieldwork, at its most creative, and has the potential to inspire a new generation of thoughtful, ethical and courageous geographers.” Susan Buckingham, Professor of Geography

“MISSION:EXPLORE is an exciting and inspiring book, its missions show that adventure is to be found everywhere. To go on an adventure all you need is an independent and curious mind. Question, experiment, explore.” Arita Baaijens, desert explorer

“Adventure – no matter how small – makes everyone feel alive. Exploring, discovering, even failing, are great for the soul. This book is proactively making sure that kids today will continue to get pleasure from the unknown and exciting.” Justine Curgenven, adventure filmmaker & expedition seakayaker

“This is an exciting and challenging book which brings adventure back into our lives. It is what geography should be. It is packed full of very funny and necessary adventures. The adventures are do-able anywhere, but you also have to seek out different kinds of places. I know this is for young people but this book makes me want to go out and do these adventures too! It also has very good and sensible safety advice.” Dr Jenny Pickerill, environmental politics and activism author

“This superb book encourages children to get out there and have adventures in all sorts of imaginative and fun ways. Highly recommended.” Rob Lilwall, crossed Siberia by bicycle in winter

“Children of all ages have an appetite for thirst for exploration, adventure and challenge. And the world around them, while not without its dangers, is full of wonder, surprise and delight. Yet all too often, we grown-ups let fear and anxiety get the better of us, and get in the way of giving children a taste of freedom. So hats off to the Geography Collective for taking a stand against the cotton wool culture and doing their bit to expand the horizons of childhood.” Tim Gill, author of ‘No Fear: Growing up in a risk averse society’

“This book is brilliant!” Mark Kalch, professional explorer


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