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Journey Journal

The Journey Journal is a passport-sized activity book to help children learn while discovering new places.

Travelling somewhere new is a massive opportunity to discover and make sense of different cultures, environments and ideas. Over 48 pages the Journey Journal encourages children to observe, question, rub, draw, think and record their holiday experiences in a semi-structured and fun way.

Written by The Geography Collective the Journey Journal:

  • helps children learn away from school

  • supports the national curriculum for 8 to 14-year-olds at Primary and Secondary school

  • carries key messages of the Cape Town guidelines on Responsible Tourism

  • supports in TravelPledge with 10% of every book sold invested the projects it helps

  • is a great way for young people to record and then share their travels

The Journey Journal has an RRP of £2.99, with school packs of 35 costing £65.50 (£1.87 per copy).

“This is exactly the kind of initiative we need if we are to successfully inspire the curious minds of the future to pursue a more thoughtful way of travelling; one that helps create better places for people to live in and to visit.”  Justin Francis,

The Journey Journal has been written by a partnership of geography teachers, academics and artists called The Geography Collective. It is jointly published by The Geography Collective and Can of Worms Kids Press with TravelPledge benefiting from every sale.

For more information or to enquire about branded or downloadable copies please contact Can of Worms on 020 7708 2942 or email

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