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Converse with a cow

Click here to read and share the new press release for Mission:Explore Food

We think that more children should be exploring, playing and learning outdoors. That’s why we started Mission:Explore and are constantly looking for new ways to encourage outdoor and playful geographical learning.

Mission:Explore is a way of thinking and acting that we call guerrilla geography. Explorers playfully think of questions, search for answers, share their discoveries and try to improve places. Explorers who use Mission:Explore will never see the world in the same way again.

Mission:Explore currently includes:

Mission:Explore (2010) (2010-)

Performances at major festivals (2010-)

Mission:Explore Camping (2011)

Mission:Explore on the Road (2011)

Mission:Explore Food (September 2012)

Children, families and teachers around the world have enjoyed doing missions from our books and website. We’ve personally worked with thousands of young people in schools and by making books and doing missions at festivals including Hay, Sunrise, Glastonbury and Latitude.

The Mission:Explore website has been created in partnership with The Workshop and supported by Ordnance Survey’s innovation programme, GeoVation. The website is used to create, locate, share, find, and complete mission-based explorations. National Geographic, Situations, Ordnance Survey, OPAL, Areas of Outstanding Beauty, Planet Science and other organisations use the site to make their own challenges. Sanctuary Housing and the Cultural Olympiad have worked with us to make their own versions of the site.

Mission:Explore won the National Trust Outdoor Book of the Year award in 2012 and was runner-up for the Society of Authors Education Writer of the Year 2012. The series has also won accolades from Pink Stinks for its balanced portrayal of boys and girls from different backgrounds.


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