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How to bring a sense of adventure into the #geography classroom by @Anturus

November 24, 2013

I have been friends with Huw James from Anturus for a while now. Huw is a massive supporter of Mission:Explore and we are a massive supporter of his incredible and inspiration approach to science (and that includes geography) education. Here Huw shares with us a guest blog post about the awesome work he is doing with his team to bring the adventure into geography education.

“It’s #GeoWeek! And to celebrate, Anturus Education announced their major educational expeditions for the 2014 calendar at the Royal Geographical Society’s Explore Conference.

We at Anturus are passionate about the physical sciences, geography being one of the big ones. This year we embarked on our first education expedition taking a team of scientists down to the most active volcano in Europe, Mt Etna! The aim is to inspire the current and next generation of students and the wider public by introducing them to the physical sciences through adventure and exploration. Our objective on Etna, to create over 30 hours of resources and media materials from a remote and scientifically interesting location, and feed all the information back to schools and homes across the UK and world. We did this with over 60 videos related to the resources and live Skype in the Classroom sessions with schools in the UK, USA and Canada!

After the success of #ExpeditionEtna, we announced #ExpeditionSevern and #ExpeditionArctic for 2014. #ExpeditionSevern will be a 220 mile SUP (Stand Up Paddleboard) of the river Severn with the Anturus team looking at the Ecology, Engineering, Physics and Geography around the UK’s longest river. The teams descent of the river will coincide with a Severn Bore, giving the team a unique chance to showcase the amazing properties of this river. Later in 2014, #ExpeditionArctic will commence with the team heading to 70 degrees north to deliver all the base resources and media that has been built up for schools over the year. We will also choose 6-8 students to join us on this expedition. They will take part in many personal development opportunities and help with the expedition itself by specialising in specific areas such as data collecting, video production, social marketing and more!

The purpose of Anturus (welsh for ‘Adventurous’) Education is to develop peoples curiosity in the outdoors and the physical sciences, to bring a sense of adventure to geography and to inspire a generation to look at science in a new light. Unlike other expeditions the sole focus of ours is for education and to make our deliverables simple and useful for teachers and fun enough you can even do them at home! All the resources we’ve created so far are downloadable from and you can subscribe to our newsletter to keep up to date with our trips, large and small, by entering your email address on the home page. For more info head to where you can find links to all our social media and get in touch.”

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