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Take a second to protest against this commercial smear of forest learning by Toys”R”Us

November 14, 2013

Act now and donate a tweet here

Like many other people I am outraged by this Toys”R”Us advert. I have no problem with children being excited at the prospect of having a new toy, but I am disturbed that a company as large as Toys”R”Us would feel the need to smear nature in order to sell product.

There is an increasing wealth of evidence to show that spending time exploring, playing and learning outdoors is good for our mental and physical health as well as our overall wellbeing. This is true for adults and is especially true for the youngest members of our society who are just starting to discover and make sense of the world.

In the new film Project Wild Thing David Bond becomes the Marketing Director for Nature. He makes the point that nature and enjoying nature is a hard idea to sell, especially when the competition is powerful and sophisticated companies who are selling eye-catching products.

While in the film David looks at nature’s “competition” I don’t remember him actually showing a company that was intentionally negative and smearing of Nature like Toys”R”Us does in this advert.

The relationship between Toys”R”Us and Nature in this advert actually reminds of the old tactic of a bully putting someone down just to make themselves look bigger. An approach which can often be transparent and leave the bully looking worse off.

There are a very large number of us around the world who are working very hard to increase the number of children who have the opportunity to explore, play and learn outdoors. Together, we need to not only let Toys”R”Us know that they were wrong in making this advert, but ask them to make a new one that celebrates time playing and learning in woodlands to make up for it.

To help us spread this message I have created a modest Thunderclap that you can join that will help us make a noise that Toys”R”Us. All you need to do is click on this link and donate a tweet. If 100 or more people donate a tweet then at 8pm EST on November 19 all of our messages will go out at once, filling the twitter # timeline that Toys”R”Us is promoting and monitoring – #NoWishTooBig. This wish is not too big… so please take a moment to support this collective action to defend exploring, playing and learning in woods. Thank you.


Act now and donate a tweet here

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