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#GeoEdChat Blog Share: Innovative Lessons

June 17, 2013


Something different this week for #GeoEdChat. On Wednesday we would like you to share a blogpost about an innovative lesson. Hopefully this will be a post from your blog about a lesson you are particularly proud of (good incentive to start a blog if you dont have one already!) or it could be a favourite post of someone elses.

At the end of the week I will write a post on here with links to all of these great Geography lessons so all can share and learn from them.

nb: if you have a protected account please make sure @GeoEdChat or @GeoMouldey are tagged in your tweet so that your blog can be included on the final summary

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  1. July 16, 2013 21:27

    If you might have that AM2+ board just drop with your
    AMD 955 and use DDR2. In keeping with AMD tradition, the Radeon HD 6990 seems to eke out serious speed while sipping
    electricity. You probably wouldn’t miss those three seconds running a few passes of chess2, but I’d
    think of the chasm widens noticeably with very high definition renders.

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