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We’d like to have a #GeoEdChat with you…

January 4, 2013


We are geography education innovators and are excited about 2013. Our latest initiative is #GeoEdChat, a new experimental service to change the way geography educators communicate. Using the new website as a hub, #GeoEdChat(s) will take place every Wednesday starting in February.

Being ambitious geographers we’ve taken a risk. #GeoEdChat will take place at 8pm, but the time zone it’s in will shift each week. Our hope is that this will create more opportunity for participation, but we’re yet to see if this will work. We’ll see.

Anyone who is interested in geography education can join in and it’s our aim to bridge some of the gaps between ‘physical’ and ‘human’, pre-school and academic as well as ‘professional’ and non/un-professional geographers. Who knows what new ideas, thinking, projects, networks, friendships and plans will come from such a wide and open network? We don’t, but we’re looking forward to finding out.

Please do take a moment to visit the website and join the #GeoEdChat.


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