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It’s #Geography Awareness Week.. Join in and declare your interdependence!

November 12, 2012

Geography Awareness Week is celebrated at different times of the year depending on where in the world you live. This week National Geographic Education is taking the lead in North America and is being supported many other organisations across the continent and world. We’re very pleased to be one of them.

This is not just an opportunity for North America though. Wherever you are in the world you will find ideas and resources on the Geography Awareness Week website that you can use to promote geography and support your work.

Tweeting on #GAweek, this year focuses on the complex and important geographical idea of interdependence. This theme is a challenging one that mixes ‘human’ and ‘physical’ geographies that are so often divided. It also helps to avoid the ‘trivia geographies’ of naming capitals that prevent so many people from having a deeper understanding of the power of our field.

Here are some great resources things that are happening this week that you can get involved in:

> Measure and map your interdependence with the Global Closet Calculator. This is an awesome tool and if you spend some time with it you can get some exciting results and mapping.  Made by our partners at The Workshop for National Geographic Education you can have a go here.

> We’ve made a whole bunch of free Mission:Explore resources. This includes a special version of Mission:Explore Food that’s full of Interdependence missions along with new challenges on the Mission:Explore website.

> Get the toolkit.

> On Tuesday evening at 7pm I’m going to be giving a special Nat Geo Live presentation on Guerrilla Geography from the National Geographic Society in Washington DC. You can get tickets here.

> On Thursday we’re going to be having a Guerrilla Geography Google+ Hangout. Join us at 1pm ET as we spend 30 minutes exploring, sharing and discussing guerrilla geography challenges. Explorers in the UK, India, New Zealand and the US will be joining in.

> This weekend I’ll be with National Geographic Education in Seattle for the 2012 National Council for Social Studies conference. I’m going to be presenting and the Nat Geo team will be getting everyone excited about geography.

I do hope that you can join one of these things. If not, why not find your own way to celebrate this important week or simply pass the message on?

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