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‘Mission:Explore Food’ Tour – Day 1! (#MEfoodTour)

October 15, 2012

It begins. We’ve set off on our 2012/2013 tour of the UK. We’ve got a lot of books, inks, rubber stamps, paper, kazoos, walkie talkies, ‘a lot of other stuff’ and ourselves, all squeezed nicely into the Mission:Explore HQ (van).

Waterstones at Ealing Broadway in west London were good enough to let us get the ball rolling with our explorer/author/illustrator book making sessions. We got the inks out, and welcomed families to become publishers, authors and illustrators themselves. There were hoots, giggles, and some very clever kids joining in and dazzling us with their ideas and inky creations. There was talk of time travel, parallel dimensions, scare crows, silly crows, fingerprinting, onions, swan soup, poo poetry and lots of inky mess. It couldn’t have been a better start… A big ‘whoop’ and thanks  to everyone who came along and had fun, small and tall.

To get in contact and follow the tour you can follow us on Twitter at #MEfoodTour and @MissionExplore.

Over and out!

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