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October 1, 2012

The Guerrilla Geography Project 2014: Misplaced

Image by Brian Daniel Eisenberg

Taking part in Guerrilla Geography Day creates opportunities to explore interesting __________. Absence is one of them. While what’s present is frequently easier to recognise, what is absent can be just as important. The absence of women from boardrooms, children from playing fields, food from stomachs, dragons from Wales, water from lakes, love in our lives, and Pot Bellied Pigs in schools all change the nature of places.

The focus for the first Guerrilla Geography Day is ‘No Signs’. These pieces of (in)formal infrastructure can communicate simultaneous and multiple (un)intentional absences that can radically change our lived experiences of places. For me, the sign above raises lots of questions, a few of which are:

  • Why are Pot Bellied Pigs highlighted? Are they more dangerous than pet poisonous snakes, or is there just a local high density of pigs?

  • Does the specification of…

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