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‘Extreme Environments – Revision Materials for IB Diploma Programme #Geography’ is the first iBook from Publications.

September 6, 2012

Written by Richard Allaway (an awesome geography teacher and a highly valued member of The Geography Collective) the Extreme Environments iBook is an example of the next generation of educational resources.  Designed to take full advantage of the abilities of iPads to use beautiful imagery to illustrate up-to-date case studies and materials.  The iBook includes video, audio, interactive maps and quizzes to elevate the learning experience to a step above it’s paper based peers.  Coupled with the powerful note taking, highlighting and revision card tools of the iPad’s iBooks app, this book is a fantastically engaging aid for students as well as educators.

Extreme Environments is free for download and available via the iBookstore in 32 countries.  The authors are working on more iBooks focused upon revision materials for IB Geography but with relevance to most contemporary geography syllabi.

“This book is a wonderful example of the next generation of resources for teachers and students.  It offers fantastic visuals to stimulate the reader with plenty of interaction to get students thinking and writing notes or flash cards to revise from at a later date.  A resource my students and I are going to really enjoy using and more importantly really learn from and have evidence to prove it!” John Sayer, Geography Teacher

“A fantastic resource that I will be using this coming year.  This is where the future of textbooks lies – clear and concise as well as inclusion of relevant activities to test learning.” Review on the iBookstore.

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