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Organising a Harvest Festival?

September 5, 2012

Are you organising a Harvest Festival lesson or festival? Add Mission:Explore Food to your event by:

  • downloading these free mission activities that are taken from each chapter of the book. It’s A4 and printable,

  • getting your copy of the entire book and all 159 illustrated and inspirational activities that cover growing, harvesting, cooking, eating, waste and soil,

  • contacting us to order discounted stock to sell at your event and pass on the discount or earn some extra income for your event.

Click here to see some more spreads from the book.

“Blimey, this book is brilliant!!!! ” Emma Freud

“Probably the only book I will ever recommend to undergrads, buy for my kids & use as a plate.” Professor Ian Cook

“It’s full of ideas that will make you laugh out loud and think differently.” The Global Dimension

“more than you ever wanted to know – but still should!” Ann Finlayson, CEO, SEEd

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