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Vote now! Who should win 30 copies of Mission:Explore Food? You decide.

September 3, 2012

Just over a month ago we launched a competition for a school, library or charity to win 30 copies of Mission:Explore Food, our new book. Together these books are worth £600 and are a fantastic resource for anyone teaching about growing, harvesting, cooking, eating, waste and soil.

We’ve checked through all the ideas submitted and below are the ones that we like the most. The idea with the most votes at 3pm (UK time) on Monday 24th September will win the books. If there is a draw we’ll split the books fairly between the winning ideas.

You can vote on 3 of the following 6 ideas. Scroll down for a full description of each one.

A: An urban community of explorers – Steve Mouldey, Takapuna Grammar School

“I would like to share the books amongst my urban secondary school in Auckland, New Zealand and our contributing early childhood, primary and intermediate schools. This way a community of explorers could emerge in our area through the links this could provide. The senior students could support the efforts of the younger students. These younger students could then repay that when they are seniors.

B: Money for munch – David Rogers, Priory School,

“Young people make munch by following missions then make money by selling products. 250 Year 8s will then get te chance to become Mission:Explore munch makers. They’ll make the munch while learning about food relates issues. To spread the word and develop their enterprise skills while selling munch, giving profits.”

C: Global Storyline (Our Crop, Our Land) – Diana Ellis, The West of Scotland Development Education Centre

“The book would support our drama work with schools to explore food and farming issues and get active in their community! We will be delivering training sessions with teachers in November who are passionate about developing exciting and innovative ways of exploring issues of food security, fair trade and sustainability with their pupils. Although our teaching methodologies focus on process drama as a tool for learning, we encourage our teachers to get outside as much as possible, and for the pupils to be researching the full cycle of food from seed to spoon to sewer. A book for each of our teachers would be a fantastic enhancement to our project!”

D: Breakfast club – Derek Richards, Holywell High School

“Pupils to explore the whole nature of food. The nanteen food on offer will be explored including food miles, nutrition, gmf, food groups and digestion. I have run the breakfast club for 12 years every morning when the school has been open. We are always looking for new things to do in the morning.”

E: What’s for lunch Yamini – Abi Leigh-Watts, DEED (Development Education Dorset)

“We would love this book to enhance our ‘What’s for lunch Yamini’ DEED pupil workshop on food, culture and creative cooking from around the world. This is available to primary schools at a very cheap rate and to be able to give the schools that take part in the workshops a book to use with their whole school afterwards would be very beneficial for the children.”

F: Student grub on a grant – Anthony Barlow, Univeristy of Roehampton

“Our students soon find that the realities of student life hit home after October half-term when their grant runs out. What better than to give them a copy of M:E Food so they can go out and explore the real world supermarket and re-think their attitude to what’s edible (and what’s not!). We aim to distribute two copies each to any geography specialists who can explain who of their friends needs it the most. And they get to keep one copy themselves!”

Get your copy of Mission:Explore Food.


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