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Win 30 copies of Mission:Explore Food for your charity, school or library

July 21, 2012

We’ve got at least 30 copies of Mission:Explore Food to give to an organisation that’s got an interesting way to use or distribute them. They’ve been funded by over 25 people who contributed to the crowdfunding of the book and together they’re worth £600, so we’re keen for them to find a good home.

Each hardback book includes 159 food missions that dare readers to (re)discover food. Unlike many activity cookbooks that focus just on cooking and eating food, Mission:Explore Food includes chapters on growing, harvesting, waste and soil too. The book helps children to think creatively and critically about food through inspiring, controversial and amusing activities that can be enjoyed by a whole family or school.

Last year we gave 100 copies of our first Mission:Explore book to Vanessa Fuery (@nessiefuery), a teacher in Scotland. She used the books with her class and children on the islands of Islay and Jura. Vanessa challenged children to complete missions and updated a blog to share their progress. She’s also created a great wiki on the teaching practice that she’s developed by using the books.

If you would like to win these 30 books for your charity, school, library or charitable organisation here’s what you need to do.

1. Register an idea.

Submit an idea for how you will use the books before 01.09.2012.

2. Be selected.

We’ll pick the ideas we like the most and put them to a public vote.

3. Win the vote.

Starting on 03.09.2012 we’ll hold the public vote to decide who will win the books. Voting will close and the winner will be announced on 24.09.2012.






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