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5 great rewards for your pupils to collect that inspire and support creative learning

April 21, 2012

Here are 5 great rewards to challenge your children to complete. Each one encourages outdoor explorations, play and learning in quirky, adventurous and rewarding ways. You can do these anywhere in the world and it’s safe and free to play.


So you want to go Mission:Exploring? Complete these 5 missions to discover how to find, do and survive our missions.


Mission:Explorer badge

Warning! By doing these missions you will never see the world in the same way again. Pick from 29 different missions to collect 1,000 points and unlock this reward.

PHOTOGRAPHER by National Geographic

Photographer badgeTo earn the Photography Badge, we challenge you to see your community in a whole new way!  What if you’d just moved in? What would it look like from a bug’s-eye or bird’s-eye point of view?  By looking at your neighborhood through a different lens, you can learn all kinds of things about scale, invasive species, and community cohesiveness.


Nature badgePrepare to go wild, get your face muddy and navigate with moss. To earn this reward you’re going to go back to nature and explore the lives of fellow earthlings. Don’t fear if you’re far away from a forest, most of these missions can be done in your backyard or local park.

Kitchen Chemistry Badge


Can you become a Planet Science Kitchen Chemist? To earn the Kitchen Chemistry badge, you’re going to experiment with the stuff you can find in your kitchen.

VIEWPOINT by Ordnance Survey (NEW!)

Viewpoint badgeOn Ordnance Survey maps a viewpoint is a place that you can visit that has great views. To earn this reward you can visit our viewpoints or discover your own, but each mission challenges you to explore, record and share them in different ways.

Discover all of the missions and rewards on Mission:Explore and make your own.

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