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Cluster together and claim a free Mission:Explore account

April 19, 2012

Mission:ExploreWe’ve intentionally designed the Mission:Explore website to support and encourage collaboration, innovation and creativity.

With a private group on Mission:Explore you can create mission-based learning activities that can only be seen by members of your group. You have total control of who is in your group and can promote as many members to ‘mission makers’ as you want.  This means that you can have 5, 50 or even 500 people collaborating to create private trails, hunts and games.

With a ‘school account’ you can have 2,000 members. While it’s called a school account, it could just as easily be a ‘schools account’ as multiple schools can share a single account, working collaboratively and creatively together to create innovative learning challenges.

We have a limited number of free annual accounts to give to clusters of schools who want to work together to create activities on Mission:Explore. The cluster can be local, regional or international. Members of the cluster can be from primary, secondary schools and even universities. The grant will be enough to cover a free account on Mission:Explore that will be big enough to cover the population of the entire cluster.

To bid for a free (one year) account for your cluster simply email with the answers to these questions:

1. Who are you?

2. What’s your position/role?

3. Where do you work? Describe it for us.

4. Who will be in your cluster?

5. What level of support do you have from members of your cluster?

6. What do you plan to use your account for?

We hope to hear from you soon!

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