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There are only 318 days to Christmas… Think ahead and get this awesome gift

February 10, 2012

How cool would it be to be given a children’s book.. and when you open the book there you are, illustrated into it as a key character!?

That’s just what we are offering with the book that we are currently making. Mission:Explore Food is going to be an awesome 320 page book that is illustrated by the award winning and wonderful Tom Morgan-Jones. The great news is that we can put you or someone you love into the book. They’ll become immortal and be seen by thousands of people across the world.

All we need to make this happen is £100 of your shiny money. In return we’ll give you:

A signed book with your face in it.. + a surprise + an invite to the launch party + an eBook edition + a limited edition Mission:Explore Food poster + a copy to be donated in your name to a children’s charity + your name listed in the book as a patron of the culinary arts + an illustration of your choice going into the book. This could be you, your pet, a place, banana, your kid or a larger goat.

We think this would make an amazing birthday,  Christmas or other gift. Plotting such a cool gift so far in advance would mean bundles to the person you give it to.. and we’d love to help. Six people have already asked us. To take advantage of this wonderfully warped opportunity just visit this page:

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