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What should children know about food?

February 8, 2012

You may well already know that we are currently writing Mission:Explore Food, the next in the series of Mission:Explore books. We’ve over 200 missions being illustrated and are currently working away on our recipe challenges.

When it comes to cooking there are many different things that children could learn… but what do you think are the most important things? Should they know how to cut a carrot or bake a cake? What would you like to see in Mission:Explore Food?

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  1. Alice Griffiths permalink
    February 10, 2012 13:45

    I think children should know something about which fruit and vegetables are in season when (and therefore which fruit have flown to them on a plane e.g. strawberries in Feb). This in turn could be linked to an understanding of foods that grow wild that you can harvest from the hedgerows, blackberries, sloes, elderberries etc.
    Including an explanation of Fairtrade is pretty essential and children could perhaps have a challenge to ask their local cafe where the coffee and tea comes from and ask why it isn’t Fair.
    The conditions in which some animals are farmed could be another interesting topic plus the contribution of farming to the landscapes we love.
    Lastly what about a diagram of a pig/cow/sheep/chicken illustrating where the best cuts come from – gruesome but informative!

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