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Playful geographies – Love Outdoor Play passes to Play England

January 20, 2012

Play is deeply linked to geography. From being immersed in deep play and imagining alternative worlds to evading capture in foreign territories while playing hide and seek, play is one of the most enjoyable engagements we ever have with our world(s). It’s also an immensely powerful way to learn about people, social interactions, communication, risk-taking, management, fear, love, worms, trees, strangeness, experimenting, science, being creative and so much more. Despite all of the known advantages of outdoor play many children do not have the opportunity experience it as much as they should do.. and would want to.

That’s why we started Mission:Explore, our playful guerrilla geography project. It’s also why we started Love Outdoor Play, a campaign to bring communities together in order to help create the conditions in which children could play outdoors more.

I’m very pleased to say that from today the Love Outdoor Play campaign is being led by Play England. They are backed by the Free Time Consortium of 17 organisations with a total of £3 million of new funding. This is awesome and fantastic news that is to be celebrated. The work is going to focus on providing opportunities and activities for children to enjoy play more. For full details visit the new Love Outdoor Play blog here.

We will still be supporting Love Outdoor Play however we can, not least with the Mission:Explore website and books. Our very best wishes go out to Play England and the Free Time Consortium at this exciting time.



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