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Thank you so much to Nick Gibbs, Cath Prisk, Helen Jarvis, darren moore, Steve Bunce, Phil Jones, Niamh Carey, Matthew Pod, Helen Leigh Steer, Rachel Goddard, Clare Rishbeth, Jenny pickerill, Caroline Room, David Pickles, Richard Allaway, David & Hilary, kye askins and Janet Townsend for helping us to fund Mission:Explore Food.

January 9, 2012

We’re so pleased to have so much support for Mission:Explore Food. We’re over 10% funded now and that’s all down to these wonderful people being so supportive. Thank you!

With 52 days left to contribute to the crowd funding of Mission:Explore Food, we’d love to add your name to the increasing list of supporters. The 320 book is going to be priced at £20.. contribute £20 to the crowd fund and you’ll get a signed copy of the book, an invite to our book launch, a surprise and free delivery. There are lots more levels that you can pledge at though… and rewards that include someone of your choice being illustrated into the book.

Please contribute to Mission:Explore Food now.. here.

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    January 15, 2012 14:28

    …and me :)

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