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Help make Mission:Explore Food happen

December 7, 2011

We are very pleased to announce that our next book will be Mission:Explore Food.. and we need your help to make it happen!

Mission:Explore Food is going to be a cookbook, guide, fieldbook  and atlas to what we grow in the ground, put in our mouths, waste and recycle. The 320 page full colour and illustrated hardback book will have chapters titled: Grow, Harvest, Cook, Eat, Waste and Soil.. including missions, recipes and guides to food.

As with all our books, Mission:Explore Food will be gender neutral, educational, radical and fun. We’re going to get young people thinking about where food comes from, how to eat and what happens once your done digesting.. Unlike our first three books it will not be able to fit in your pocket!

To make this book happen we need your help. We’re crowd funding the publication and need as many people as possible to get behind it. At the lowest level of funding support you will get a signed copy of the book, a surprise and an invite to the launch party. For a school or other organisation you can invest more and get enough free eBook editions for all of your families.

Please help make Mission:Explore Food happen . Click here to learn how.

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