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The plan for The Geography Camp

November 9, 2011

With just over a week to our first Geography Camp, here is a draft overview of what we will be doing. There are some treats that we’ve missed out.. but these are the bones!


Arrive, bread, soup, networking, crazy cartography, pub quiz and games (weather allowing).


Breakfast, papers, topographical tobogganing, making geography: inspiring ideas, food, silly scavenger hunting, making geography: debates and dialogues, e-motion mapping and movement, co-creating the Mission:Explore Food book, food, making geography: idea creation and progression, chill, chat, night-time-wide-games..


Breakfast, newspapers, conversation and the creation of The Geography of… Atlas.


To be announced

It’s going to be good. Join us.

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  1. Andy Knill permalink
    November 20, 2011 09:45

    Geography camp – going to be good – no, no it was megatastic – biased – yes because I went , learn loads, meet great people, be mad, have fun, laugh lots oh and after eights.

    SHould you get involved? yes yes and thrice more YES, YES and YES.

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