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Do you know any kids who are going on holiday?

July 24, 2011

With the summer holidays here, do you know any kids who are going on away this summer? Our Mission:Explore books are packed with thought provoking challenges for travellers going anywhere in the world. Mission:Explore on the Road opens with ‘How to be a traveller’..

Like it or not we are all always travelling. We move from place to place on a planet that is spinning and rotating around a star in a galaxy in a universe which is constantly getting bigger and travelling further into, well, nobody quite knows. Here on Earth if you could shrink yourself you could navigate the inner space of bodies, but as long as you are a normal-sized human you can travel using your arms, legs, dromedray, horse, friendly whale, magic carpet or mind.

Here are a few of the 5o challenges in the book:

> Are you psychic

> Find your journey’s beat

> Antenna walk

> Sense expedition

> Design your ultimate journey

The Mission:Explore books cost from just £3.83 on Amazon.

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