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Geography Collective in “GIS Professional magazine”

June 27, 2011

A report on the GeoVation Showcase meeting at the Ordnance Survey’s HQ in May is included in the June 2011 issue of ‘GIS Professional’ magazine. The article says:
GIS Professional
The most enthusiastic presentation came from Mission Explore. This is an idea set up by a group of geography teachers called the Geography Collective. The collective’s aim is to engage and inspire children through geography. The team are not new to GeoVation as they were winners last year. Their basic product is a series of challenges for kids: challenges that take them away from the internet and into the great outdoors to have fun exploring and learning…. Mission Explore makea point of encouraging children to think of their safety whilst also being bold and adventurous when undertaking the challenges. It is refreshing to see kids being taught health and safety with a large dose of applied common sense… For the GeoVation transport challenge, Mission Explore teamed up with Sustrans to promote cycling for children on the national cycle network. This is work on the long haul towards behavioural change and their reward was £36 500 of seed funding from GeoVation plus matching funding from dairy company Arla. They also won an additional £1 000 for being voted the best idea by attendees at the Showcase….”

So, did I mention that we rock ?
Dan at GeoVation
Here’s an image from the magazine with a picture of “an enthusiastic presentation” by Dan… as always !

Mission Explore was also described as “undoubtedly inspired…”


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