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Please ask @Waterstones for #MissionExplore #Camping!

June 13, 2011

We would really, really, really like Waterstones to stock Mission:Explore Camping. They’ve not got any stock yet so how will they know if anyone likes it! Lots of people do and we think (of course) that they should set our little blue book free!

So, if you’ve got a moment we will love you forever if you:

1. Tweeted them. This is easy. Just pop them a note at @Waterstones.

2. Popped into a shop and said “can I order a copy of Mission:Explore Camping for Stevo and Silvo please?”. It will set you back 4.99 minutes and £4.99.. cheap as pie and chips.

3. Set up a protest outside their head office in Brentford.. setting up a ‘Camp’ for ‘Mission:Explore Camping’ with pop-up tents. That would be very special.

If you do any of these things you are welcome to (ask for) a kiss from any member of The Geography Collective.

Thank you xxx

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