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Jura and Islay to receive 100 copies of Mission:Explore

April 1, 2011

Mission:Explore book coverWe are very pleased to say that Vanessa Fuery has won 100 copies of Mission:Explore for children on the islands of Jura and Islay. Congratulations Vanessa and well done for getting all those votes in.

Two weeks ago we asked for readers to pitch ideas of how they would distribute 100 copies of Mission:Explore to children who would never usually get copies. 8 great ideas went forward for a public vote and despite lots of support for the books travelling to festivals through Angel Gardens, most votes went to this fantastic idea for the islands of Jura and Islay:

“Two islands, Jura and Islay, bags of mission explore potential, all the children on the island can submit ideas for mission explores, in conjunction with our local newspaper and schools and the best can receive one of the books. We can then work wtth Islay Natural History to get the kids active around the island fulfilling the missions.” Read more here.

We are so excited that the books are not only going to go to children who will benefit from them, but also with the support of so many keen adults who can help to make this idea a success. All we need to do now is get all 100 books from the south coast of England to these islands off the west coast of Scotland.

Well done and thank you everyone who took part. We hope to offer more books again soon.

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  1. vanessa permalink
    April 1, 2011 18:47

    Thank you very much and where theres a will theres a way, either we will arrange for carriage or we will twitter an appeal!!

  2. Cath Prisk permalink
    April 1, 2011 23:18

    Great idea – & what about all those tourist kids too? I went to Islay with nieces few years ago, glorious! And the Jura inhabitants have a wonderful music festival I believe…


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