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Do Some Good for outdoor play – Mobile Volunteering

March 30, 2011

Ahead of the launch of our two new Mission:Explore books tomorrow we’re really pleased to announce another launch we are part of.

In addition to Mission:Explore we manage the Love Outdoor Play movement. Last year we pitched an idea to feature on an app that was to be developed by Orange for people to volunteer via their mobile phone. There is currently no national map of places for children to play and we wanted to help create one. A map and survey of playable places will be of use to children, parents, many professionals  and decision makers. For all these groups knowing the state of places to play will help to improve access to and quality of outdoor play.

In partnership with Play England and backing and support from API Play, Sustrans, The Children’s Centre, Hull City Council, London Play and PlayBoard NI the pitch won and several months later the Do Some Good iPhone app from Orange is now live.

In their own words.. “Orange today announces the launch of the UK’s first mobile volunteering initiative, which harnesses the power of mobile technology to transform the way people give time to good causes. The ‘Do Some Good’ app allows convenient, bite-size volunteering through a mobile phone, enabling users to do a good deed at a time and place that suits their lifestyle – all in less than five minutes.

The potential for this app is huge; if one million people give just five minutes of their time, it will amount to nearly a decade worth of volunteering time. This will be the first phase of the mobile volunteering movement and at launch, the app will include twelve different charity ‘actions’ that consumers can complete anytime, with Orange committed to adding new actions throughout the year.”

Anyone with an iPhone can help us to map and rate places to play. Just visit, download the app and click through to the play map to help us create a national play map.

In addition our own Mission:Explore app has been listed by Orange as one of 9 other apps that are already doing good.


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