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5 riot helmets and 1,000 balloons to launch 2 books

March 17, 2011

As part of the launch of Mission:Explore on the Road and Mission:Explore Camping on the 2nd of April we are going to be venturing out into central London to have a little fun. We are going to have a Mission:Explore combined travelling book launch, radical camping exhibition and epic alternative balloon race (with biodegradable balloons, of course).

If you are in central London on April 2nd look out for a bunch of guerrilla geographers in bright dresses, equipped with beautiful riot helmets and armed with an assortment of percussion instruments. To celebrate the launch of our books we will be making our way through central London and challenging people to complete missions from the books as they go. If you track down our roving performance you might be given one of one thousand balloons that we will be setting free as part of an alternative balloon race to win one of 50 copies of their books. In true Mission:Explore style unlike most balloon races the challenge will not be to see who can get their balloon to travel the furthest..

See you on April 2nd?

If you are around on March 31st we would love to see you for a drink at the Old Explorer in central London. RSVP here.

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