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Love outdoor play?

January 26, 2011

Love Outdoor Play is a movement that we kicked off last year. The idea behind the campaign is to make a symbol available which individuals and organisations can use to show that they support outdoor play. Here is the most recent post from the Love Outdoor Play blog.

Love Outdoor Play is a special movement. The campaign symbol is creative commons (so anyone can use it) and our main tool of action – our stickers – are funded by people like you. Because of the way printing works the more cash we invest the more stickers we can buy. This is crowd funding that take advantage of a classic economic idea: economies of scale. Here is how it works:

More people + More investment = More stickers + More Action = More play outdoors

The next deadline for making this all happen is in just 5 days time.. the 31st of January. At last count £10 can buy you 25 waterproof outdoor stickers or 16 indoor static stickers but more people have contributed and so the ratio is even higher now.

Please tweet and blog about this effort to increase the number of people who see, understand and support this symbol.

To show your love for outdoor play join our next community funded print run here, now.

So far we have used a printer called Diginate for all our sticker printing. They have been ultra helpful and supportive. As it happens they are next door to the publishers of our children’s book (Mission:Explore), Can of Worms Kids Press. Last week they blogged about our community approach to printing and action on outdoor play. Here is what they said.


19th January – By Tim at Diginate

How to use stickers, social media and crowd funding to get kids playing outdoors again? It wasn’t something we’d considered until Daniel Raven-Ellison got in touch with the idea for his Love Outdoor Play project; a very modern form of community activism.

The motivation for the campaign is simple – getting children out of the house and playing outside in streets, parks and playgrounds again. “Having the freedom to play outdoors improves the well-being of children and their communities,” says campaign organiser Raven-Ellison. So how did stickers become the centrepiece of the campaign? “We are asking people to take a very simple action. Make or get a Love Outdoor Play sticker and put it up where you live or work. Research shows that in many communities we’re afraid of what other parents will think of us if we let our kids out to play or walk to school. By putting a sticker up you not only show that you support outdoor play but can start a conversation about how play can be improved for children where you live”.

With the concept in place the project organisers looked at the best ways to buy the stickers. Group buying is big news right now, with community discounts website Groupon at the receiving end of a $5.3bn bid from Google; Love Outdoor Play opted for a similar approach with their community print run. Supporters of the campaign can ‘invest’ in the print run; Love Outdoor play will then combine the donations, order as many stickers as possible in bulk at a lower cost, and distribute the stickers proportionately to the donation. The more people donate, the lower the print cost, and the more stickers everyone gets. Those wishing to opt out of the community print run can order individual stickers, or print them themselves.

As with so much modern activism, the final piece of the puzzle is social media. Having recruited over 70 high profile supporters including respected authors, charities and explorers, Love Outdoor Play hit Twitter to broadcast the message and solicit involvement from the grassroots communities it was designed for. With over 400 followers and an active online presence the campaign is all going to plan.

The ultimate aim of the project? “For every family with young children in the UK to recognise the symbol and many to have it on their street in one form or another”.

If you’d like to get involved in Love Ourdoor Play’s next community print run or obtain high res images to print yourself click here for more info.

You can get involved at

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  1. March 25, 2011 10:21

    Wow ! nice post….

    This is a very good idea everyone should go for it.

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