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Aged 15 or under? Get published!

January 5, 2011

We are seeking a Mission:Explorer who can come up with a brilliant mission idea for one of our next two books. If we pick your idea it will Splat!be illustrated by Tom Morgan-Jones (our wonderful inker), appear in one of the two books, you will receive an original of the illustration and a copy of the book. Your name will be listed in the credits too, making you a guest author in an awesome book.

To win simply think of a cool mission that could go into one of our next two books (due out this Spring).

Mission:Explore on the Road is full of challenges to complete while travelling by car, boat, donkey, bike or foot. Missions can be anything you can do while travelling in any way you can think.

Mission:Explore Camping will be packed with activities to do when living outdoors. Your mission can be anything camp related, or that can be mounted from a tent.

You need to be aged 15 or under to enter. The winner will be the one we think is best (take a look at for ideas). We may chose to pick 0, 1, 2 or 3 or more entries. Feel free to enter a billion times as long as each idea is new. Get permission before you enter as we will not be able to publish anything without permission from your parent or carer. Your idea is your idea, we will not using any new ideas without your permission or crediting you.

You must submit your idea before the end of February 28th 2011 using our contact form.

Good luck.

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