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Edublog Awards Nominations

December 3, 2010

There are some amazing blogs and websites out there doing some stunning work to support children in learning and pushing education forward. The Edublog awards help to celebrate some of the best teachers, schools and companies working hard to help learning.

Here are a few nominations of great blogs and sites from us:

Best teacher blog has to go to for Digital Geography, Noel’s work is at the sharpest and most daring edge of engagement and well worth following.

Best ‘corporate education’ blog goes to CreativeSTAR, Juliet Robertson. Her open, highly visual, theory into practice, on the button outdoor learning blog is full of inspired thinking. If you mostly teach indoors you should use Juliet’s “I’m a teacher, get me OUTSIDE here!” to discover ways to get outdoors.

For the best “educational use of audio” look in the direction of Alex Wilson on Alex curates sounds and his beautifully diverse, deep and driven passion for music shines through in his podcasts. This is what education sounds like.

Best “educational use of video/visual” is passed to the most amazing Made in Me studio. This is for a younger audience but is one of the most intelligent, gorgeous, stunning, dynamic, creative, family friendly, on the button, engaging and fluid on-screen experiences available. Check out the landscapes and go on an adventure in the Land of Me now.

That’s it for this year. Looking forward to seeing what comes out!

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  1. December 6, 2010 18:44

    Wow, thanks for the lovely comments Daniel! That may just be the nicest thing anyone has said about us :)

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