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Mission:Explore is Pinkstinks Approved

November 6, 2010

We are absolutely delighted to hear that Mission:Explore is now officially Pinkstinks Approved!

Pinkstinks Approved showcases the retailers, magazines, books, toys, clothes or websites which are providing the best and most exciting positive, non-gendered, non stereotyped products for us and our children.”

“We love the creativity of Mission:Explore and the way it creates experiences for all children so they can share, learn and play together.”

We have been frustrated that in many book shelves across the country Mission:Explore does not have a place to comfortably sit. Children’s activity books are usually divide the genders, a trend which is encouraged by the shops themselves  as publishers create books that can be easily located.

Being Pinkstinks Approved is the best, highest and most beautiful recognition we have had for our work to keep Mission:Explore ungendered. We are very aware of the importance of (re)presentation in our books, ensuring their is a good balance of children, older people and animals. We are aware that the ethnic mix in the first book is representative of a large European city, but in the next two books coming out in 2011, will reflect more of a global mix.

Pinkstinks is a fantastic campaign that is building support all the time. The campaign is was started and is managed by the energetic and passionate Abi and Emma. The aims of Pinkstinks are to:

* Inspire, motivate and enthuse girls about the possibilities and opportunities open to them
* Improve girls’ self esteem and confidence, raise their ambitions and ultimately improve their life chances
* To challenge  the ‘culture of pink’ which is based on beauty over brains and to provide an alternative

To find out more about the campaign check out their website here. We are going to be doing something very cool with Pinkstinks later in the year.

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  1. Helen Leigh permalink*
    November 8, 2010 11:23

    Amazing! Two of my favourite projects giving each other the thumbs up. What a good start to a rainy monday.

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