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Mission:Explore London now on the App store ! – perfect for ‘Free Range’ kids…

July 22, 2010

The opening screen of the iPhone and iPad app.Yesterday morning, the Mission:Explore app went ‘live’ on iTunes and the App Store.
Search for Mission Explore and look out for the gorilla…
After all the months of work by ourselves and The Workshop, it’s exciting to think that millions of people can now start exploring London (or indeed, ‘anywhere’) in a different way, and share the results of their explorations.
If you’d tried the app, please consider adding a review, so that we can get some feedback on how you’re making use of it. We’re already hearing of people doing specific missions. Remember that each mission has a #tag which means that you can let people know on Twitter that you’ve completed a particular mission.

We were also delighted to be featured on Lenore Skenazy’s Free Range Kids Blog, with Daniel from the Geography Collective’s guest blog post
For those who missed it, here’s a taster…

I am father of a 6-year-old boy who is somewhere outside. He is probably going on another adventure down the overgrown public alleyway, searching for our cat Mushroom. I’m not that worried about him because I (mostly) trust him. I also have good reason to think our wider community will not harm him, though I do fear some locals being afraid to help or even speak to him. His ability to play outdoors is key to his wellbeing and development (and that of his community), but a culture of risk aversion is putting him in harm’s way not only now, but in the future.
Exploration is one of the best forms of play. It is essentially a process of asking questions and searching for their answers. The “journey” may be real or imagined, near or far, but it always involves thinking. It is a creative process which in all its forms – physical, emotional, intellectual, spiritual, sensual — involves taking risks and using imagination. By limiting children with unreasonable boundaries they end up having fewer experiences from which they can imagine possible solutions. If we are to have creative children, they must have the right to explore.
My son’s ability to find our cat would clearly be reduced if he’d never thought through where Mushroom goes — when and why? In the future it may well be these same skills will help him to deal with issues in his family, community and places of work.

Finally, we’d love to have some pictures of you attempting the Missions in either the book, or the app.
We’ve set up a special FLICKR MISSION:EXPLORE GROUP, and would love you to share your pictures. If you add the mission tag to the images when you share them we can also see where and how the mission went.

Summer is coming…
Get out there and explore… Mission:Explore…


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