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We need your help.

July 19, 2010

This summer we want to get Mission:Explore into the hands of as many children as possible and we need your help.

We created the book to get children exploring and seeing the world in new ways while tackling risk aversion.

The issue of ‘cotton wool kids’ with children having less freedom to play outdoors is constantly in the media, but the focus is on opinions, polls, policy and adults talking to adults.

Mission:Explore is different. The book starts a conversation directly with young people about the nature of where they live and how they fit into it.. in a fun way. It is modern, ungendered, features (dis)abled children with a wide range of ethnic groups represented. Mission:Explore encourages children to empathise with people, places, animals and plants while suggesting how to bring about positive change.. all through 102 playful missions.

If you buy Mission:Explore for £5.99 each illustrated mission will cost you under 6p.

We believe in Mission:Explore so much all of our author royalties are invested in free copies for children who can’t afford their own. So far 100 books have been given by RoSPA to children in Birmingham and the Play Association in Tower Hamlets to kids in east London.

Converse with a cowDespite all this, Mission:Explore has only been mentioned or reviewed in one local newspaper. We are unknown and have a small publisher that can’t afford to take out advertising space.

During the week of the 26th of July we want to have a big push to get Mission:Explore heard of and we need your help. During that week we are looking for as much support as possible to get the book and new website and app heard of.

If you can please do one or more of these things starting from the 26th of July:

1. Buy it. Ideally order it through a physical or online bookshop. If you have bought a copy, buy another and give it as a gift to a young (potential) explorer or an adult who wants some creative dates. You could do this guerrilla fashion, slipping it into a bag or through a letter box without them knowing who you are.

Explore, discover and attempt missions using the map screen.2.  Email your friends and family suggesting they get copies and download the app when it appears on iTunes in the next few days.

3. Tweet, blog or write a story on Mission:Explore. You might be interested in the press release on the app and website for this.

If we can get Mission:Explore charting we will happily attempt a number of extreme missions that you can suggest as comments on this page!!!

The book chart is dominated by well known publishers and books enjoying another reprint. Help us to join them and to encourage more children to explore, question and think about the world in which they live.

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  1. TracyLucas permalink
    July 22, 2010 05:45

    I became aware of your book today through a mention on the Free Range Kids blog, and I think your idea is brilliant and long overdue.

    I’m a professional columnist and blogger, and would like to review your book. How could I best go about requesting a press copy?

    • geoblogs permalink*
      July 22, 2010 08:44

      Hi Tracy
      I have forwarded your comment to the publisher, who will hopefully respond quickly to your request.
      We are delighted to have featured on the Free Range Kids blog, and that you have had such a positive response to the book.
      The London-specific iPhone app (which also has a range of ‘anywhere’ missions) is now available to download from the app store…
      Very best wishes

      GeoBlogs (Alan from the Geography Collective)

  2. July 27, 2010 12:47

    Great idea – will look forward to finding out more

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