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Glastonbury Mission debrief – Part 1

June 30, 2010

Some flags, recently...

OK, so Glasto 40 is over… The explorers are safely back home, and the dust is settling (although the litter pickers will, I suspect, be rather busy for the next few weeks…)

We had a great response to the work of the Geography Collective from all those who visited our marquee, where we were offering a range of activities including:
– Little people search and rescue
– Face and body mapping and ‘seeing round corners’
– Command badge making
– Independence and interdependence hour – forming a new country….
– Global connections and messages of peace, love and understanding to Dave
– Moustache explorers
– Attraction hats
& loads more…

Plenty of positive comments, and meeting with the ‘ranting’ Psychogeographer was a highlight
We proved time and time again that it is indeed “a small world”, and I ranged over the whole site taking in the sights and smells…
We also had a Short term lending library which went down very well.
The blend of “playful research”, investigation and enquiry and young people’s participation was a potent mix, as was the completely cosmopolitan nature of the 170 000+ festival goers.
Other members of the collective may have other reflections.
My pictures are in my FLICKR set – help yourself
See you at Latitude later in the month…

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