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21 things to do with a kazoo

June 17, 2010

Kazoo!I have a personal love for kazoos. They are incredible little animals that are simple to play (with) and should never be left at home.

To help get you hooked here are 23 wonderful things that you should do with a kazoo before the end of the summer.

1. Converse through a kazoo… have a good chat with someone entirely through the hummm of your instrument.

2. Buzz like a mosquito… elbows to your ribs, arms out flat, wave your hands so quickly you can’t see them and get buzzing on your kazoo. That’s right, the world’s best impression of a mosquito.

3. Form kazoo orchestra.

4. Kazoo charm someone.

5. Snorkle in the bath.

6. Get lots of people together and create a kazooscape for a friend to walk through.

7. Stimulate someone with the tip of your buzzing instrument.

8. Beat box through your kazoo.

9. Gamble. Play kazoo roulette or spin the kazoo.

10. Who can blow the longest, loudest, lowest, highest, fastest and with the most dribble.

11. Share your kazoo. Help a disease thrive.

Kazoo!12. Make a mustache.

13. Yes, that’s right.. you can use your Kazoo as a shee wee.

14. Basic but tricky.. guess the tune.

15. Kazoo art: splat ink on paper and buzz it around the page into beautiful pictures.

16. Use it as a bat.

17. Use it to explore like a bat.. using only the noise and echo of the kazoo to find your way around.

18. Give one to someone as part of a chat up line – “Hey, would you like to try my kazoo?”

19. All House music seems to include a kazoo.

20. Spy on someone.

21. Make like planes and have a dog fight.

We are in the Green Kids Field at Glastonbury next week and yes, we will have kazoos! If you’re taking kids to a festival.. I strongly recomend taking one along.. as well as our fantastic free guide of missions for kids.

Have you got something to do with a kazoo? Let’s here your ideas!

We love festival flags!

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  1. February 11, 2015 19:23

    I like to kazoo in my left ear

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