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Create a club, change your street

June 12, 2010

Introducing our new Club Starter and Street Community Packs.

Starting a Mission:Explore club is easy. Get enough books for everyone in the club and then go out exploring together, doing as many missions as possible. The Mission:Explore Club Starter Pack includes 10 books at just £5 each (including postage), saving you £2.99 on the cover price for each book.

The Street Community Pack is for making an investment and changing a place. The pack includes 25 copies of Mission:Explore at just £4 each. Get copies for all the families or kids on your street. Pass them on by hand or go on a secret mission and post them anonymously through letter boxes. Either way, our Street Community Pack can change your community for the better.

Order here.

#ME0012 Investigate the murder of an animal [mission image]

We are working with RoSPA and Play Tower Hamlets to distribute free copies of Mission:Explore to children who can’t afford their own. If you would like to invest in copies of Mission:Explore to be given to children like these then please let us know.

Happy exploring.

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