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Going the wrong way home….

June 8, 2010

I’ve just moved house and have spent the last month exploring my new surroundings, in rural Norfolk. The village where I live has a population of just 600 people. For the remaining weeks of the summer term, we have a 40 mile round trip for the school run !
I’ve taken the opportunity on those days when I do the morning run to take a different route home every day…
This has served several purposes, one of which is to fill in the blanks on my mental map of the many byways and back roads around the area, and to provide a gentle test of my built-in brain compass…
I’ve seen some great sights: deer, windmills, ducklings on village ponds, stately homes, yellow fields of rape, stooping birds of prey, towering thunderheads, wind turbines, ancient flint churches, old WWII installations, quarries and Royal residences…

Even if you don’t live in rural Norfolk, why not take a different route home tomorrow…
How you decide which way to turn is up to you, but why not turn down that road that you’ve always wondered “I wonder where that goes….”
You might get a different view of a familiar place…

And remember, geographers don’t get lost, they’re just Mission:Exploring….

Images by Alan P

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