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Missing children

May 13, 2010

I had an interview today with a journalist from the Ealing Gazette about Mission:Explore. I talked him through the reasons why we created the book (to engage children with geography and challenge risk aversion) and to help make my point walked him to our local park. At 4pm there is something missing from the park. Children.

Young people have a range of priorities from homework to the draw of digital worlds… and many parents will not be letting their children out alone… but you would think there would be at least two children aged between 9 and 14 kicking a ball, chatting to friends or up a tree.

All the local children missing from the park will have their own unique bundle of reasons why they were not in the park at 4pm today. Something is clearly going wrong though when none manage to make the journey to play outside on what was such a sunny afternoon.

I was delighted when walking home to get an email from Sue Palmer. Author of Toxic Childhood and more recently 21st Century Boys, Sue is one of the best known and respected experts on childhood in the UK. We had asked her to take a look at Mission:Explore and according to Sue:

“Mission:Explore is splendid — great fun, and a lovely way to get children out into their environment and using their brains.”

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