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Tracking risk aversion

May 12, 2010

Be careful not to get stuck down a hole...“WARNING: This book is dangerous” is printed boldly on the front of Mission:Explore. One danger is that it encourages divergent, creative and critical thinking about the world. The other is that some missions involve a level of physical risk and we give advice in the book on how to reduce this risk and what to do if something goes wrong…

How children lost the right to roam in four generations” is an article that was written by David Derbyshire in the Daily Mail back in 2007 was one of many that encouraged us to press on with the Mission:Explore project. Nearly 3 years later and despite a general consensus in research, policy and media that children should get out more.. they’re not. In practice risk aversion is keeping too many children stuck at inside.

On this new page of this new blog we are going to track risk aversion stories in the UK that are to do with young people. Starting from April 2010 (when the Mission:Explore book was published) we’re going to follow the mood in the media as the new Conservative and Liberal Democrat coalition attempts to ‘fix a broken Britain’.

If you see a news article that we should include please do get in touch with us.

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