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The Secret Garden Party / Explorer Camp / 001 / Light Surgeons / Chris Allen

May 12, 2010

The Explorer Camp at The Secret Garden Party is a place to come and hear explorers talk about their adventures. We have been asked to curate the Camp this year and we’re going to be bringing our own twist to the space. For us exploration is a state of mind. You don’t have to go on an epic voyage or even leave your bed to have a decent exploration.. so in true Geography Collective style those attending can expect some radical workshops and interventions as well as tales from those who have completed epic challenges.

Over the next couple of weeks we’re going to be sharing who is going to be playing, winking, sliding, composing, presenting, telling, sharing, mapping, inciting, creeping, walking, shaping, dancing, feeling, screaming, touching, painting, squeezing and shaping the Explorer Camp in 2010.

We’ve always loved the work of the Light Surgeons. They are epic video artists with a deep fascination in place and much of their psychogeographical work encourages audience to think about the world in alternative ways.

The first film we watch by them was In Passing, a “personal journey through Manchester as seen through the eyes of a partially-blind woman”.

The work of the Light Surgeons extends further than this though. In the Drake Music Project  a range of “musicians and artists with different abilities and disabilities, to collaborate with each other through a series of creative music workshops. The project was run regionally in the UK and each group presented the results of this collaboration with a live performances with a full visual accompaniment from The Light Surgeons”. Check it out here.

Light Surgeons founder Chris Allen will be in the Explorer Camp showing some of the best of their work and explaining how it was done. We’re delighted that Chris can make it to the party.

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