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Take part in the Greater London National Park*: Student Challenge

April 8, 2014

What if London was a National Park?

Last week a few of us in The Geography Collective launched a website for the Greater London National Park*. It is officially just a *Notional Park, but there are some good arguments (pick 5 or 10) for it becoming one. The website intentionally mirrors those of current and official UK National Parks.

To accompany the site we have created a Student Challenge to creatively explore the question… What if London was a National Park? Students of all ages can take part. We will be posting the best responses to the question in a public gallery on the Greater London National Park* website.

To find out more and to take part visit the Student Challenge page on the Greater London National Park* website here.

Can you help with the launch of a secret #geography project?

March 28, 2014

Over the last few weeks, with the help of a small team, I have been working on a secret geography project.

The project is a geographical provocation that you may or may not agree with, but I will really appreciate any noise that you can help to make around it… may it be positive or negative.

If you are potentially able to tweet, blog, comment on a forum or something else entirely on Tuesday (April 1) please click through and add your name before Tuesday.

Many thanks, Daniel.

>>> Yes, I can possibly do something to help <<<




Mission:Explore – #WorldWaterDay Challenge

March 21, 2014

World Water Day challenge (x15)

Introducing @CraftyExplorers in #Southwark, #London

January 31, 2014

Crafty Explorers

Helen, Tom and I are currently working away on Crafty Explorers. Based on Mission:Explore, Crafty Explorers is aimed at 4 and 5-year-olds and uses craft to support outdoor play, exploration, learning and health.

Crafty Explorers is part of the Knee High Project design challenge to improve the health of children aged 5 and under.

This Thursday we are having a pre-launch event for adults who work with children and the media. If you are interested in:

  • crafting
  • exploring
  • playing
  • parenting
  • educating
  • connecting children with nature
  • caring
  • health,
  • parenting, and/or
  • the Early Years

…we would love to show you around our new pop-up shop in Nunhead, Southwark. It’s very easy to get to from Victoria (15 minutes) and London Bridge (16 minutes).

If you would like to join us for wine, snacks, crafty creatures and an advance look around please find out more and RSVP here.

Mission:Explore Water – Download your free copy now!

January 20, 2014

Water Cover We are delighted to share that Mission:Explore Water is now available. The eBook is the latest in the series of award winning Mission:Explore books and is brimming with 51 ideas for teaching and learning about water. 

  • Make rain graffiti

  • Draw a map for a fish

  • Wee-hydrate

The book includes 5 chapters that investigate Rain, Rivers and flow, Harvesting water, Using water and Waste water. The book is a perfect way to plan for World Water Day on March 22.

Mission:Explore Water has been created by Mission:Explore in association with Thames Water, the Wildfowl and Wetlands Trust (WWT), RSPB, Mayor of London, London Sustainable Schools Forum, the Royal Bank of Canada Blue Water Project and the UK Environment Agency.

Teacher? Mission:Explore Water is accompanied by a free eBook of notes for all of the missions. The notes includes planning advice and shows how the missions can be used across your school.

Water Cover Teacher notes

Mission:Explore Water includes teaching ideas that can be used with explorers of all ages, but is ideal for children aged between 7 and 14.

Get Mission:Explore Water now on:

Please do share and post reviews on Mission:Explore Water. If you have not already, we would love for you to be part of our Thunderclap at 8pm tonight – just click through here and donate a tweet to us. We will be very grateful for any noise you can help us to make about the free books.

Many thanks and we hope you enjoy them.


Join a Misplaced Geography Project

January 7, 2014

Guerrilla Geography Project banner

The Guerrilla Geography Project is inviting us all to explore, create and reveal “misplaced” ideas, objects, relationships and anything else you can think of. Just announced, the “misplaced” project will last for the whole of 2014 and is an opportunity to take photographs and tell stories of things that are (un)intentionally in the ‘wrong’ place.

As well as investigating geographies the Guerrilla Geography Project is about making them too… why not intentionally (mis)place something for a reason?

The Guerrilla Geography Project is open to all and aims to bring together students of all ages, artists, academics, activists and anyone else who is interested in challenging, playing, creating, subverting, producing, shaping or representing places in creative ways.

Conceived and run by members of The Geography Collective, we’re getting behind the project and can’t wait to see what people contribute.

For full details and to take part visit the Guerrilla Geography Project website.


Mission:Explore Water

January 5, 2014

Mission:Explore Water

Over the last few months members of The Geography Collective have been working hard on Mission:Explore Water. Playful and creative, the eBook and teacher notes have been written to help children to learn about the importance of water.

Inside the eBook are 51 illustrated missions, most of which need to be completed outdoors. It’s been crafted so that you could do a series of missions over a term or have a special day or week with missions being attempted in every subject area across a school.

Mission:Explore Water has been created in association with Explorer HQ, Thames Water, the UK Environmental Agency, London Sustainable Schools Forum, the RSPB, the Wildfowl & Wetlands Trust (WWT), the Mayor of London and the Royal Bank of Canada Blue Water Project.

The eBooks are officially being launched on January 20th in advance of World Water Day (March 22) when we will be coordinating a day of water-based missions from the books.

We would love to have your help to launch the books. We are organising a Thunderclap which involves donating a tweet, Facebook comment or Tumblr post. It takes seconds to support the launch… just click through on this link and follow the instructions:

Thank you for your help.


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